Collective Material

Megan Lynch is a creative director specializing in brand and identity, visual design, editorial design, and content strategy in art, tech, publishing, and culture. ︎

Projects —

1 Age of the Senses

2 Sightlines
3 Decades of Design
4 Perspectives

5 frog50

6 Public Intimacy

7 Quarterly Vol. 1

8 Too Close to Home
9 Carpooling

10 Elsewhere

11 Critical Cactai
12 Add’l Posters
13 Portals

14 Blockbuster

Collective Kiosk

A small-run publishing house producing limited editions, screenprinted posters, and risograph publications. ︎


About Megan Lynch

I’m currently a design lead at Google, where I work on projects related to brand, culture and publishing across physical and digital spaces. Previously at frog, I was the art director and lead visual designer for a global, in-house brand and content team, articulating and expressing frog’s brand, portfolio, publications, and web presence. In my studio practice, I focus on experimental making and commissioned projects. I'm an adjunct faculty member in the Grad Design program at California College of the Arts.

Awards / Publications:

STA 100 /
Communication Arts /
Grafik Tasarim /
HOW Magazine /
IDEA Magazine No.360 /
Mix Magazine /
Women in Graphic Design