Collective Material

Megan Lynch is a creative director specializing in brand and identity, visual design, editorial design, and content strategy in art, tech, publishing, and culture. ︎

Projects —

1 frog50

2 Sightlines

3 Public Intimacy

4 Decades of Design

5 Quarterly Vol. 1

6 Perspectives

7 Too Close to Home
8 frog Identity
9 Carpooling

10 Elsewhere

11 Critical Cactai
12 Gryphon
13 Add’l Posters
14 Portals

15 Blockbuster

Collective Kiosk

A small-run publishing house producing limited editions, screenprinted posters, and risograph publications. ︎



Website, responsive layout, brand language 
frog design

Perspectives is a platform for frog’s thought leadership portal, Design Mind, as well as Collections, and Insights. Perspectives is home to several special publishing projects including frog’s annual series, Tech Trends, Trends 2020, and publication series, Quarterly.

Creative direction / Megan Lynch
Editorial and content / Olivia Murphy