Collective Material

Megan Lynch is a creative director specializing in brand and identity, visual design, editorial design, and content strategy in art, tech, publishing, and culture. ︎

Projects —

1 Age of the Senses

2 Sightlines
3 Decades of Design
4 Perspectives

5 frog50

6 Public Intimacy

7 Quarterly Vol. 1

8 Too Close to Home
9 Carpooling

10 Elsewhere

11 Critical Cactai
12 Add’l Posters
13 Portals

14 Blockbuster

Collective Kiosk

A small-run publishing house producing limited editions, screenprinted posters, and risograph publications. ︎


Public Intimacy

Public Intimacy: Art and Other Ordinary Acts
Exhibition, identity, catalog design
Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, SFMOMA

Public Initimacy: Art and Other Ordinary Acts in South Africa, was an exhibition exploring contemporary South African art and connections between South Africa and the Bay Area. The catalog concept was inspiried by the idea of ordinary acts of subversion, translated into a design system of “rule-breaking,” which manifested in out-dented paragraphs, text organized by size rather than importance, and other small acts of definace in book design.

Designed in collaboration with Jon Sueda at Stripe SF